panic disorders

Causes Of Panic Disorders

One may often arise with the question what causes panic disorders? But till now the exact causes of panic disorders are not known. There is no single cause for panic disorders but rather there is a combination of contributing factors. A combination of heredity, childhood circumstances, parenting, personality styles and stress are the causes of anxiety panic disorders. However, many experts believe that panic disorder develops from a combination of genetic, biological and environmental sources. Here we will precisely discuss about the causes of panic anxiety disorders.

Most of the experts have the view that there is a biological component in the development and reparation of panic disorders. They revealed that our brain contains several neurotransmitters or chemical messengers that can communicate one another. From the biological point of view, an imbalance of one or more of these chemical messengers is one of the main reasons of panic disorders. One of the other theories that reveal the causes of panic disorders is the body’s alarm system, which is also known as the fight-or-flight response, is triggered without cause.

When we consider panic disorder from the genetic point of view, studies have shown that panic disorders are hereditary. Studies of identical twins have revealed that not everyone who inherits a predisposition for panic disorder will go on to develop symptoms. This show that hereditary is not only the causes of panic disorders. However, some experts have also found some evidence of environmental elements that contribute to panic disorders causes. Some sources may include childhood trauma, neglect, or abandonment, overprotective parenting styles, parental alcoholism, loss of a parent due to death or divorce etc.

It is often believed that cumulative stress over time contributes to the development of panic disorders. This is in fact one of the main causes of panic disorders. Continuous stress can perhaps trigger a panic attack which can lead to panic disorders. But not everyone who has panic attack will go on and develop panic disorders. However, like many other health conditions, panic disorder can be successfully treated. Early treatment of panic attacks is a good idea so as to avoid or prevent other complications such as phobias including agoraphobia (fear of panic attacks).